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Intellectual Property Management System

IP Management is our latest innovation in the software solutions area. This web-enabled IP management software combines the most valuable features of both a client-server solution and a web-based application. Modern society relies heavily on computer technology. Without software, a computer cannot operate. Software and hardware work in tandem in today’s information society. So it is no wonder that intellectual property protection of software is crucial not only for the software industry, but for other businesses as well. IP management allows you to configure your own software suite by selecting the features and assigning user rights to match agreed confidentiality with this flexible and modular IP software. The various modules – trademarks, patents, designs, and further matters – can be deployed separately or as an all-encompassing package, to allow the most comprehensive Intellectual Property Management, from invention stage up to prosecution, licensing and other matters. This provides clients with comprehensive software that is highly configurable intuitive and thereby easy to use. Moreover, IP Management allows seamless integration.

Benefit using IP Management

A central repository for all your IP-related data-invention disclosures, patents, trademarks, trade secrets, licensing agreements etc.
User-friendly IP management system for small, medium, and large multinational companies.
A dashboard to view and analyze your entire IP portfolio and every element of it powerful, intuitive and customizable
Cutting-edge technology and constant innovations.
Easy-to-use search engine.
Automatic calculation of renewal dates.